No investors thus future-proof Hook0 is open-Source

Make your SaaS a platform,
offer webhooks in minutes.

Imagine if every SaaS could talk to every SaaS without any effort. You’d get an Open-Source Webhooks-as-a-service (WaaS) provider like Hook0, the easiest way to build a platform. Connecting your SaaS with others is just one API call away.

Setup and forget

1 - Create an app

Create a Hook0 account and declare which event types your application can send.

2 - Send events

Use Hook0's HTTP API to send events from you backend. Events must have a type name, a scope (one or several user IDs, none or broadcast) and a JSON payload.

3 - Provide your own UI

Build widgets that fit in your app to allow users to register webhooks. Use Hook0's HTTP API to store and retrieve subscriptions.

4 - Users subscribe

Your users can now register any number of webhooks to receive your app's events. Hook0 takes care of the rest!

Out-Of-The-Box Webhooks


Unlike alternatives, Hook0 is fully open-source. No vendor-locking, we are here to stay, no investors, we are fully sustainable since day 1. Fork it, twist it and help us build the best open source webhook server for applications

Easy Integration

Our JSON REST API and integrations makes it easy to trigger webhook events from your Application and connect to every available SaaS

Data & Sovereignty

Hook0 does not lock your data nor your software. If you subscribe to Hook0 SaaS version, all your data will stay in Europe. No GAFAM there.

Everything you need

All-in-one platform

Build a state of the art webhooks solution in minutes using the Hook0 webhooks service.

Fine-grained subscriptions

Enable your users to subscribe to your events by setting up a webhook. They can choose which event types they want to receive.

Multi subscriptions

Your users can register several webhooks, we will send events to all of them!

Event scoping

Scope events to one or several levels of your application. Users, organizations, administrators, [insert your own], they can all handle subscriptions to their events.


Either use Hook0 out-of-the-box dashboards to let your users see events that went through their subscriptions, or build your own with the API.


If Hook0 can't reach a webhook, or if it does not respond with a success code, Hook0 will try again automatically.

Failure notification

If after several retries Hook0 still can't successfuly reach a webhook, your user is notified by email.

Events & responses persistence

Hook0 can keep track of every event your application sent it and of every webhook call. This can helps you debug things or act as an audit log !

High availability

Hook0 won't miss the events you send it.

GDPR Compliant

Hook0 is fully GDPR compliant and can easily execute a data processor agreement with your company if needed.

Data Security

Hook0 utilizes best practices for data storage and encryption. We also offer single-tenant and on-premise deployment options.

Designed for Enteprise Scale

Hook0 robust architecture automatically scales to handle thousands of requests per minute.

Open-Source always wins in the end!

François-Guillaume Ribreau
Hook0 co-founder, IndieHacker

We are building it the way we would love to use it

David Sferruzza, PhD
Hook0 co-founder


Open-source, self-hosted. Complete control over your data. Security and privacy compliant.

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What's not included

  • Infrastructure scaling
  • 99.9% uptime
  • Managed updates


Perfect way to try out Hook0, no need to setup self-hosting, free forever for side-projects.

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What's included

  • Fully managed, no infra. to own
  • 1 developer
  • 1 application
  • Up to 100 events per day
  • 7 days data retention


Unleash your data connectivity with fixed costs, connect your SaaS to the web.

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What's included

  • Fully managed, no infra. to own
  • Unlimited developers
  • Unlimited applications
  • Up to 100,000 events per day
  • 30 days data retention
  • Premium support

Pay As You Go

Unleash your data connectivity and only pay as you grow, connect your SaaS to the web. You win, we win.

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What's included

  • Fully managed, no infra. to own
  • Unlimited developers
  • Unlimited applications
  • Unlimited events
  • 30 days data retention

Frequently asked questions

Can’t find the answer you’re looking for? Reach out to our customer support team.

What are Webhooks as a Service?
We take everything that goes into a webhook service (retries, backoffs, endpoint monitoring, subscriber management, etc) and package it up into a platform that you can easily integrate with using our API.
How long does it take to integrate with Hook0?
Every setup is different, but a senior developer should be able to build out a working version within a day and be live in under a week.
How is this different than Zapier or Integromat?
Zapier is an automation tool that helps connect services together. Hook0 is a platform that gives your application the ability to send webhook events to your users.
We've already built webhooks, can we still use Hook0?
That is a great use case for using Hook0 since you've already validated that your users want webhooks. There is a good chance that what Hook0 offers is much more robust than your solution. If that is the case, then migrating your custom solution to Hook0 will allow you to focus on other priorities while offering a top notch webhook solution.